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RoboCop Movie Download

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Imdb rating: 7.3 (with 25290 votes)
Year: 1987
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

RoboCop Storyline

In a near future, the Motor City known as Detroit slowly becomes the spawn-ground for Crime as a gang of Cop Killers goes on the rise. Private organism, Omni Consomer Products (OCP) eventually seizes control of local law enforcement to ensure a secure an Urban pacification program. Just assigned to the Metro West Precint, Officer Alex Murphy is massacred to death by this gang, as his partner Anne Lewis is barely able to do nothing. At the same time, a young visionary executive, Bob Morton, seizes the chance when the ED-209 law enforcement Droid shows lack of perfection by killing a fellow executive to create the Perfect Cop. The near death Murphy is used as the subject. With his memories erased, he is resurrected as Robocop, the future of law enforcement. As he sweeps away with crime, case by case, he eventually becomes involved with the Cop Killing Gang, and Anne Lewis herself. All of this, triggering his dormant memories of his past life as he searches for who he really is, and uncover a conspiracy going deep in OCP with the Senior Vice President himself.


Weller, Peter as Officer Alex J. Murphy/RoboCop, Allen, Nancy as Officer Anne Lewis, Dan O'Herlihy as The Old Man, Cox, Ronny as Dick Jones, Smith, Kurtwood as Clarence Boddicker, Ferrer, Miguel as Bob Morton, Robert DoQui as Sergeant Warren Reed, Wise, Ray as Leon Nash, Perry, Felton as Johnson, McCrane, Paul as Emil Antonowsky, Goins, Jesse D. as Joe Cox, Zamora, Del as Kaplan, Jung, Calvin as Steve Minh, Lieberman, Rick as Walker, de Broux, Lee as Sal

RoboCop goofs

  • CREW: Triggering cords for blood packs visible in the shootout at the drug factory.
  • CONT: In the highway shoot-out/pursuit scene between Murphy and Clarence's crew, one of Clarence's man shoots the police car in the windshield and we can see holes in it. Then when we see the car from further, the windshield is perfectly intact. Then it goes back to being bullet ridden.
  • CREW: The camera car is reflected in the driver's door of Clarence's car in the final chase.
  • CONT: At the end of the film, when Clarence and RoboCop come face to face, Clarence holds his hands up and tells RoboCop that he gives up. Clarence's arms are lowered in some shots and raised in others.
  • CONT: When Bob Morton gets off the elevator to go to the meeting, the elevator says "95th floor have a nice day" yet after the meeting when there walking back to the elevator it says 120th floor on the wall.

RoboCop soundtrack

  • "Show Me Your Spine" Music by P.T.P.

Download RoboCop

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