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My Super Ex-Girlfriend Movie Download

Download My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Imdb rating: 5.5 (with 8817 votes)
Year: 2006
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

My Super Ex-Girlfriend Storyline

Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thought his luck had just changed when he start dating Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman). But what he doesn't know is he is going out with New York super-hero G-Girl. When he breaks it of with her for his work partner Hannah (Anna Faris) G-Girl makes his life hell.


Thurman, Uma as Jenny Johnson/G-Girl, Wilson, Luke as Matt Saunders, Faris, Anna as Hannah Lewis, Wilson, Rainn as Vaughn Haige, Izzard, Eddie as Professor Bedlam/Barry, Savante, Stelio as Leo, Iorio, Mike as Lenny, Consuelos, Mark as Steve, Sykes, Wanda as Carla Dunkirk, Florence, Margaret Anne as Shapely Bartender, Veronika, Eva as Elderly Lady, Feeney, Lawrence as Scary Dude, Bonacki, Lou as Parking Lot Manager, Norris, Jeff as NYPD Officer at Garage, Northrop, Greg as NYPD Officer at Station

My Super Ex-Girlfriend plot

  • Matt Saunders thought his luck had just changed when he started dating Jenny Johnson. But what he doesn't know is he is going out with New York super-hero G-Girl. When he breaks it off with her for his work partner Hannah, she makes his life hell.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend quotes

  • Jenny Johnson: [to Matt as she crushes his chest] You broke my heart! Now, I'm going to break your EVERYTHING!
  • [in a dream sequence, Matt tells Vaughan G-Girl's secret identity]
    Jenny Johnson: [brandishing a chainsaw] I WARNED YOU, MATT SAUNDERS!
  • Vaughn Haige: Oh, no no. Don't tell me. You have invaded the female nation and spread your democracy.
  • Hannah Lewis: [referring to Jenny] She sounds like a nutcase.
    Matt Saunders: So you're saying she's perfect for me.
  • [over the phone, as Vaughn watches G-Girl put out a fire by spinning up a whirlwind]
    Vaughn Haige: It's G-Girl! She's doing her thing!
    Matt Saunders: Are you serious? You lucky S.O.B., I've never seen her in person. How does she look?
    Vaughn Haige: She looks...
    Matt Saunders: What?
    Vaughn Haige: ...blurry! But still pretty hot!

Download My Super Ex-Girlfriend

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