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Cabin Boy Movie Download

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Imdb rating: 4.4 (with 3794 votes)
Year: 1994
Genres: Comedy

Cabin Boy Storyline

Snobby school boy goes left, and mistakes the "Filthy Whore" for his millionaire dad's yacht. He joins four filthy fishermen for hijinx on the high seas.


Elliott, Chris as Nathanial Mayweather, Brinkley, Ritch as Captain Greybar, Gammon, James as Paps, Lake, Ricki as Figurehead, Doyle-Murray, Brian as Skunk, James, Brion as Big Teddy, Walters, Melora as Trina, Hobson, I.M. as Headmaster Timmons, Nevil, Alex as Thomas, Sterry, David H. as Lance, Elliott, Bob as William Mayweather, Flotard, Edward as Limo Driver, Cummings, Jim as Cupcake, Magnuson, Ann as Calli, Tamblyn, Russ as Chocki

Cabin Boy quotes

  • Paps: Okay, you icy bastard, how about a hot cup-a joe!
  • Old Salt in Fishing Village: Would you like to buy a monkey?
  • Trina: Are you sure this is what you want?
    Nathanial Mayweather: Yeah! I am sure. I've permanently yanked the silver spoon from my mouth, and I buried it 6,000 miles beneath the Earth's crust. [pause]
    Nathanial Mayweather: I mean, figuratively speaking, of course. I mean, who could do such a thing? That would be insane.
  • Cupcake: Now I know what you're thinking. "What could be stranger than a big fatass floatin' cupcake?" Heh. How about one that spits tobacco?
  • Kenny: Mmmm. Gum.

Download Cabin Boy

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