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War of the Worlds Movie Download

Download War of the Worlds
Imdb rating: 6.6 (with 83334 votes)
Year: 2005
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

War of the Worlds Storyline

Ray Ferrier is a dock worker who is finishing a night of work in the morning, because he works the night shift. But when he gets home his young daughter Rachel and teenage son Robbie are staying with him at his house in Bayonne, New Jersey, while his pregnant ex-wife Mary Anne and her new husband Tim visit her parents in Boston for the weekend. But then the unthinkable and, ultimately, the unexpected happens to him in an extraordinary sense! Witnessing, and barely escaping the horror, first-hand, it's up to Ray to protect his two kids from terrorist and races up to Boston before one of them gets murdered by a large tripod machine in its path!


Cruise, Tom as Ray Ferrier, Fanning, Dakota as Rachel Ferrier, Chatwin, Justin as Robbie Ferrier, Otto, Miranda as Mary Ann, Robbins, Tim as Harlan Ogilvy, Gonzalez, Rick as Vincent, Vazquez, Yul as Julio, Venito, Lenny as Manny the Mechanic, Walter, Lisa Ann as Bartender (Sheryl), Robinson, Ann as Grandmother, Barry, Gene as Grandfather, Basche, David Alan as Tim, Abrams, Roz as Herself, Brownlee, Michael as TV Reporter, Osaka, Sanes, Camillia as News Producer

War of the Worlds quotes

  • Ray Ferrier: Get in, Manny, or you're gonna die!
  • Ray Ferrier: That is so weird. The wind is blowing *toward* the storm.
  • News Producer: [at the site of a plane crash] Were you on that plane?
    Ray Ferrier: No.
    News Producer: Too bad. It would have made a hell of a story. [shuts news van door and drives off]
  • Ray Ferrier: Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.
  • Ogilvy: Here?
    [to Ray]
    Ogilvy: Peach Schnapps. Disgusting I know it, found a whole case of this shit.

War of the Worlds goofs

  • CONT: When Ray and the kids take refuge in the diner when their car has been taken off them, there is a woman with long blonde hair in the booth next to them. When the gun shot goes off outside and they turn to look she has disappeared, there is less than one second for her to get up from the booth and walk the length of the diner and leave.
  • CONT: The military convoy completely passes by Ray and the kids while they are standing on the country road at least once, but cutaway shots provide more and more vehicles each time. This goof is later repeated in the scene of the battle on the hill just before Ray and Rachel meet Ogilvy (the same tan-colored Abrams tank can be seen in the background behind Rachel even after it is shown driving up to and atop the hill ahead of her).
  • GEOG: In a scene following the aliens emergence from beneath the tarmac of the intersection, Ray Ferrier runs for the safety of the sidewalk and we see a shot from behind him looking towards the alien breakout. He has one foot on the sidewalk and one in the gutter. In the next shot, looking front on to Ray, he is standing in the middle of the sidewalk.
  • CREW: As Ray begins to leave the house after the plane crash, stopping to pick up Robbie, the reflection of the camera operator is visible between the passenger and sliding side doors.
  • CONT: When Robbie is helping the people that were left hanging on the ramp of the ferry, the water below them is calm, even though just a moment ago the propellers were spinning at full power.

Download War of the Worlds

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