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HouseSitter Movie Download

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Imdb rating: 5.6 (with 4916 votes)
Year: 1992
Genres: Comedy, Romance

HouseSitter Storyline

When his longtime girlfriend Becky says no to marriage and the house he has built, architect Newton Davis takes it badly. Three months later a one night liaison with livewire waitress Gwen gets rather out of control when she tracks down the dream house, moves in, and lets it be known locally that she and Newton are married. Everyone in the small town take to her, including his parents, while Becky shows renewed interest. When Newton realises the situation he suggests to Gwen that continuing the deception might have advantages for both of them.


Martin, Steve as Newton Davis, Hawn, Goldie as Gwen Phillips, Delany, Dana as Becky Metcalf, Harris, Julie as Edna Davis, Moffat, Donald as George Davis, MacNicol, Peter as Marty, Shull, Richard B. as Ralph, Cronin, Laurel as Mary, Cooper, Roy as Winston Moseby, Durang, Christopher as Reverend Lipton, Broun, Heywood Hale as Travis Keller, Jones, Cherry as Patty, Simek, Vasek as Karol, Whang, Suzanne as Moseby's Secretary, Klug, Mary as Lorraine

HouseSitter quotes

  • Gwen: Oh, grow feathers and go shit in a tree.
  • Becky Metcalf: Do you know why I said no to you that day? It's because you scared me, building this house, putting a big ribbon around it... I didn't want to marry a dreamer. I'm not that brave. But when I see you through Gwen's eyes you look very different to me.
    Newton Davis: How?
    Becky Metcalf: Well, I could see how a dreamer, with somebody who believes in him, could do great things.
  • Newton Davis: What do you say, Gwen? "Gwen" do you get off... and "gwhere" can we "gwo"?
  • Newton Davis: Don't you remember the time I... I... I had myself delivered to you in a box for your birthday? And… and the guy I paid to deliver the box screwed up and delivered me to the wrong apartment? And... and how the... the lady who opened the box... uh... freaked out and started screaming? And I ran out of there just as you poked your head into the hall. And... and the next thing I know, this one's bashing me for having an affair with her neighbor, and this one's bashing me for being some kind of gift-wrapped pervert? And... and all I had to protect myself was... was a dozen roses. And... and... and you never even read the note.
    Bus Driver: What did the note say?
    Newton Davis: I... I'll tell you what it said... it said... marry me, Gwen, I'm lost without you.
  • Newton Davis: Where did all this furniture come from?
    Gwen: Bigelows.

HouseSitter trivia

  • When Newton first enters his house and finds Gwen there, she is singing "The Name Game". She uses the names Ollie and Kate, both names of her children in real life.
  • The house was built as a standing set in Concord, Massachusetts. It was torn down soon after filming ended.

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