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Imdb rating: 6.7 (with 14345 votes)
Year: 1998
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Fallen Storyline

Det. John Hobbes is convinced that when killer Edgar Reese is executed, all of his troubles are over. But when people he knows and people on the street start to sing the same tune that Reese sang in the gas chamber, and those same people taunt him, he is told that maybe the cursed fallen angel Azazel is behind it all. Azazel is cursed to roam the Earth without a form, and he can switch bodies by any contact, making him hard to track. When Hobbes is forced to kill a man possessed by Azazel, he must clear his name while protecting his family and others from the evil, vengeful Azazel.


Washington, Denzel as John Hobbes, Goodman, John as Jonesy, Sutherland, Donald as Lt. Stanton, Davidtz, Embeth as Gretta Milano, Gandolfini, James as Lou, Koteas, Elias as Edgar Reese, Casseus, Gabriel as Art, Pagan, Michael J. as Sam, Joy, Robert as Charles, Medrano, Frank as Charles' Killer, Munro, Ronn as Mini-Golf owner, Hayden, Cynthia as Society woman, Xifo, Ray as Society man, Donnelly, Tony Michael as Toby, Carnes, Tara as Teenage girl

Fallen trivia

  • The name John Hobbes is based on two philosophers from the 17th century, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Hobbes generally thought that men were evil and needed the constraints of society to make them better. Locke thought that men are thinking, rational creatures capable of peaceful coexistence. These two themes are explored in the film.
  • All of the scenes involving Edgar Reese ('Elias Koteas' (qv)) were shot near the start of principal photography, and director 'Gregory Hoblit' (qv) was so impressed with the physicality of actor Koteas' performance that he insisted everyone who subsequently becomes possessed by Azazel must move in a similar manner. Indeed, actors 'Robert Joy (I)' (qv) (who plays Charles Olom), 'James Gandolfini' (qv) (Lou), 'Bob Rumnock' (qv) (who plays the school teacher) and 'Tara Carnes' (qv) (who plays the young girl) all studied Koteas' performance before shooting their own possessed scenes.
  • The first scene which writer 'Nicholas Kazan' (qv) came up with for the film was the scene where Azazel first passes from person to person (the (the scene which culminates with the possession of Charles Olom ('Robert Joy (I)' (qv)). Kazan was thinking about how evil can be passed on from one person to another, that it is contagious; if one person is nasty to another person, the second person will be nasty to a third person, the third to a fourth and so on. In thinking about this, he hit on the notion of what that may be like literalized, and he came up with the scene. The rest of the move sprang from that scene.
  • The first day of shooting was scheduled to be the scene where Hobbes ('Denzel Washington' (qv)) arrives at the cabin for the first time. A huge rainstorm was passing through the area at the time however, so producer 'Charles Roven' (qv) decided to send the equipment truck out to the location much earlier than normal, so early that it was still dark. However, due to it being dark, and with such heavy rain, visibility was poor, and on the side road to the cabin (which was the only road to the cabin), the truck hit a tree, completely blocking off the road. By the time the truck was cleared, it was nearly night time again, and no shooting could be done, meaning that one day into production, the film was one day behind schedule. Charles Roven has said that this first day was the worst day of his entire career.
  • The trailer shows someone possessed by Azazel chasing Gretta Milano ('Embeth Davidtz' (qv)) into a department store through a revolving door. This scene is not in the final film. On the DVD commentary track, director 'Gregory Hoblit' (qv), writer 'Nicholas Kazan' (qv) and producer 'Charles Roven' (qv) explain that the reason this scene was removed was because the possessed person was trying to stab Gretta, and they realized that having Azazel try to kill her didn't make much sense, and it would be far better to have him try to possess her instead. As such, the scene with 'Graham Beckel' (qv) was shot as a replacement.

Fallen goofs

  • CONT: Amount of snow on Hobbes' hair and jacket when he is lying on ground at the end.
  • CREW: When Hobbes returns to the wood cabin towards the end of the film, he enters and stands looking around for a moment, with a window to his left. A definite human shadow can be seen walking past the window, despite Hobbes supposed to being alone.
  • CONT: SPOILER: When Hobbes discovers Toby's body, in the close-up shots Toby has his right hand on the pillow in front of his face, whereas on the wider shots his hand is not on the pillow.
  • CONT: When Hobbes shoots the school teacher, after he fires one shot, his gun is apparently empty (the action on any semi-automatic 9mm handgun, like Hobbes' Glock, stays open when the final round is expended, as can be seen in the two quick cuts after the shot is fired). However, when Hobbes approaches the body in each view after-wards, the action of the gun is closed, indicating that he still has ammunition.
  • CONT: When (after about 78 minutes) Hobbes enters Stanton's office, Stanton is hanging up the phone. In the next cut, when Hobbes sits down, Stanton is hanging up the phone once again

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