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Unfaithful Movie Download

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Imdb rating: 6.5 (with 16870 votes)
Year: 2002
Genres: Drama, Thriller

Unfaithful Storyline

Connie Sumner has a loving husband, a beautiful home, and a wonderful son, but she wants more. When she's approached one day by a handsome stranger while trying to hail a taxi, she becomes obsessed with him and eventually starts an affair. But her selfish actions soon catch up with her...


Lane, Diane as Constance 'Connie'/'Con' Sumner, Sullivan, Erik Per as Charlie Sumner, Gere, Richard as Edward 'Ed' Sumner, Martinez, Olivier as Paul Martel, Taylor, Myra Lucretia as Gloria, Monaghan, Michelle as Lindsay, Lowe, Chad as Bill Stone, Badalucco Jr., Joseph as Train conductor, Anderson, Erich as Bob Gaylord, Gupton, Damon as Other businessman, Burton, Kate as Tracy, Colin, Margaret as Sally, Forget, Marc as Café bartender, Gleason, Larry as Tim, Chianese, Dominic as Frank Wilson

Unfaithful trivia

  • 'Jodie Foster' (qv) was offered the role of Connie, but turned it down in order to play Meg Altman in _Panic Room (2002)_ (qv).
  • 'Tori Spelling' (qv) was considered for the role of Connie.
  • 'Alyssa Milano' (qv) was originally cast as Connie, but was forced to turn the role down due to her commitment to the TV series _"Charmed" (1998)_ (qv).
  • The special edition DVD features the alternate ending where there is a different dialogue after they both kiss in the car, during the final scene. Richard Gere then steps out of the car (very emotional scene) before walking up and entering the police station. Fox & Regency wanted this ending at first (it was more Hollywood-esque, in-your-face, clearer kind of ending), but the director and the cast insisted that they put in the current ending you see on the theatrical release.
  • 'Josie Davis' (qv) auditioned for the role of Connie, but lost out to 'Diane Lane (I)' (qv).

Unfaithful goofs

  • FAKE: SPOILER: Paul can be seen to draw a quick breath in the shot of Ed removing his jacket after murdering him.
  • CONT: When Connie is in Paul's bathroom to clean and bandage her knee, there are no items in the bottom shelf when she opens the medicine cabinet. But the next shot of her looking in the medicine cabinet shows several items on the bottom shelf.
  • GEOG: Edward's detective friend tells Edward that Paul lives at "433 Mercer Street, apartment 3." However, in the scene in which Paul and Connie meet, the address of the building directly across from Paul's apartment clearly reads, "69 Mercer Street," so Paul's building cannot be 433 Mercer (this address does not exist). In fact, the address of the exterior location for Paul's apartment is 70 Mercer Street.
  • CONT: When Connie is having coffee at Café Noir with Tracy and Sally she heads to the back of the café (the washroom) without her purse. As she returns her purse is in hand.
  • CONT: It is clearly shown how windy it is, as Edward prepares to leave for work. As Connie looks out the window to watch Edward leave, it is a calm day, with no wind. Next shot, it is windy again.

Download Unfaithful

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