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Dracula Movie Download

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Imdb rating: 5.9 (with 1939 votes)
Year: 1979
Genres: Horror, Romance

Dracula Storyline

When a schooner is wrecked off Whitby the only survivor is Count Dracula who has arrived with large amounts of Transylvanian soil to take up residence in Carfax Abbey. He takes the life or Lucy, who is engaged to Dr. Seward, who runs the local asylum. Lucy's friend Mina, and her fiancé Jonathan Harker, a solicitor, also make contact with Dracula. But almost immediately, Lucy dies from loss of blood, and just possibly this may not be a coincidence. The group calls on the aid of Prefessor Van Helsing, noted supernatural expert, and together they pursue the vampire.


Langella, Frank as Count Dracula, Olivier, Laurence as Prof. Abraham Van Helsing, Pleasence, Donald as Dr. Jack Seward, Nelligan, Kate as Lucy Seward, Eve, Trevor as Jonathan Harker, Francis, Jan as Mina Van Helsing, Duvitski, Janine as Annie, Haygarth, Tony as Milo Renfield, Turner, Teddy as Swales, McCoy, Sylvester as Walter, Howarth, Kristine as Mrs. Galloway, Belcher, Joe as Tony Hindley, Carroll, Ted as Scarborough Sailor, Birch, Frank as Harbormaster, Vernon, Gabor as Captain of Demeter

Dracula quotes

  • Count Dracula: Now it is you, my best beloved one. You will be flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. You will cross land and sea to do my bidding. I need your blood. I need.
  • Lucy Seward: Before you arrived we were looking at the ship's log.
    Count Dracula: It wasn't lost at sea?
    Lucy Seward: No. The very last entry was a strange word. A word that Mina thought meant "undead".
    Count Dracula: Undead?
    Mina Van Helsing: Yes. "Nosferatu".
    Count Dracula: Ah! It means "not dead".
  • Count Dracula: Listen to them - children of the night. What sad music they make!
  • [Dracula, Lucy,and Mina are discussing "Nosferatu"]
    Mina Van Helsing: Dead! Undead! I don't care, they all frighten me!
    Lucy Seward: Oh, I love to be frightened!
    Count Dracula: Do you?
  • Count Dracula: Jonathan Harker tells me you speak some Romanian.
    Lucy Seward: Well, hardly, I know...
    [Dracula says a sentence in Romanian and Lucy smiles]
    Count Dracula: There, you do understand.
    Lucy Seward: [still smiling] Not really. I have no idea what you said.
    Count Dracula: I said it would be nice to see you smile.
    Lucy Seward: [pause] Then you should be pleased.
    Count Dracula: Oh, I am.

Dracula goofs

  • FAKE: Obvious stunt double when Dracula kills Van Helsing with a stake.
  • PLOT: SPOILER: When Mina's vampirised body is exhumed, it is daytime, but she is unharmed by the sunlight (whereas Dracula is burned on both occasions he is exposed to it).
  • CREW: When Harker is driving away from Dracula's castle after having Dracula sign the deed papers, Renfield jumps him from the back of his car. During the scenes of struggle, there's a from-the-front shot that clearly shows another car loaded with people (crew?) about a hundred feet or so behind the Harker car.
  • CONT: SPOILER: When Van Helsing is preparing to render Dracula's crate of soil unusable to the vampire, he is shown breaking a single holy wafer into quarters. When he places them into the soil in the next shot, he actually inserts five quarters, not four.
  • SYNC: SPOILER: The scene when the police are examining the shipwreck, the madman (cockroach eater) looks at the captain who has had his throat ripped off. You can see the dead captains breath vapors in the cold air.

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