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Land of the Dead Movie Download

Download Land of the Dead
Imdb rating: 6.6 (with 20430 votes)
Year: 2005
Genres: Action, Horror, Thriller

Land of the Dead Storyline

The world is full of zombies and the survivors have barricaded themselves inside a walled city to keep out the living dead. As the wealthy hide out in skyscrapers and chaos rules the streets, the rest of the survivors must find a way to stop the evolving zombies from breaking into the city.


Baker, Simon as Riley, Leguizamo, John as Cholo, Hopper, Dennis as Kaufman, Argento, Asia as Slack, Joy, Robert as Charlie, Clark, Eugene as Big Daddy, Boland, Joanne as Pretty Boy, Nappo, Tony as Foxy, Baxter, Jennifer as Number 9, Banks, Boyd as Butcher, Geljo, Jasmin as Tambourine Man, McCabe, Max as Mouse, Munch, Tony as Anchor, Roberts, Shawn as Mike, Arce, Pedro Miguel as Pillsbury

Land of the Dead plot

  • In a near future, the zombies are all around the world, and the human society is restructured and adapted for the new reality. In a protected city ruled by the powerful Kaufman (Dennis Hopper), the upper class has the usual privileges living in a fancy well-supplied building, while the poor people lives on the streets. Riley (Simon Baker) and Cholo (John Leguizamo) belong to a team that bring supplies (food, medicine etc.) to the city using a heavy truck called Dead Reckoning and designed by Riley. When Cholo is betrayed by Kaufman, he steals the Dead Reckoning and threatens Kaufman, who requests Riley to retrieve the vehicle, with the support of his friend Charlie (Robert Joy) and Slack (Asia Argento). But the dead are smarter and organized under the leadership of Big Daddy (Eugene Clark).

Land of the Dead goofs

  • MISC: Towards the end of the film when Big Daddy pours the gas in Kaufman's car, the gas pump is never cut on and is visible with the lever 'off' in all shots.
  • BOOM: SPOILER: When Cholo is dropped off to go back into the city after being bitten, a mike is refelcted in the windscreen of the car as he exits it.
  • FAKE: When Riley makes a run for "Dead Reckoning" after lowering the drawbridge, he is clearly aiming far left of the first zombie he "shoots".
  • PLOT: In the scene when the stenches break down the wire mesh gate (about 37 minutes in), a guard in the tower throws a rope and slides down (to be eaten by stenches), even though a perfectly good ladder can be seen on the tower.
  • CONT: Towards the end of the movie Big Daddy gets shot many times in the body inflicting large bullet holes, including his upper right chest area. At the end, when he turns to look at Riley and the others, the bullet holes are not there.

Download Land of the Dead

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