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Ghostbusters II Movie Download

Download Ghostbusters II
Imdb rating: 5.7 (with 17223 votes)
Year: 1989
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Ghostbusters II Storyline

It's 5 years after the battle against Gozer. A restraining order has forbidden Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, and Egon Spengler from working as Ghostbusters, and as a result, they've had to find other jobs. Ray owns a book store called "Ray's Occult" and performs at children's birthday parties with Winston, Egon conducts experiments at the institute for advanced theoretical research, Dana Barrett broke up with Peter some time ago before marrying another guy, and Peter now hosts a local TV show called "The World of the Psychic". Dana, who is now the divorced mother of an 8-month-old baby named Oscar, works in the restoration department at the Manhattan Museum of Art. Strange things start happening when Oscar's baby carriage takes off by itself with Oscar in it, and it stops in the middle of 1st Avenue. While Dana's boss, Janosz Poha, is restoring a painting of a 16th-century tyrant named Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf, the painting comes to life. Vigo wants to live again by taking over Oscar's body. Vigo takes complete control of Janosz and orders Janosz to get Dana to cooperate. Janosz also has his own agenda. He wants Dana because he's in love with her. When Peter, Ray, and Egon try to help Dana, they are arrested and put on trial for violating the restraining order. When the ghosts of the killer Scoleri Brothers show up at the court room, the judge is forced to remove the restraining order against the guys so they can put the Scoleri Brothers in a ghost trap. After this, Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston re-open Ghostbusters, and mayor's assistant Jack Hardemeyer tries to slow them down any way he can, because he believes the Ghostbusters are frauds who will hurt the mayor's chances of becoming the governor of New York. The Ghostbusters and their lawyer, Louis Tully, refuse to be stopped by Jack. When Jack has the Ghostbusters put in the Parkview mental hospital, there is an eclipse and Janosz kidnaps Oscar for Vigo. The mayor wants the Ghostbusters on the job, and when the mayor hears that Jack had the Ghostbusters put in the Parkview mental hospital, he fires Jack and has the Ghostbusters released to try to rescue Oscar from Vigo, and Vigo intends to make it as hard as possible for the Ghostbusters.


Murray, Bill as Dr. Peter Venkman, Aykroyd, Dan as Dr. Raymond Stantz, Weaver, Sigourney as Dana Barrett, Ramis, Harold as Dr. Egon Spengler, Moranis, Rick as Louis Tully, Hudson, Ernie as Winston Zeddemore, Potts, Annie as Janine Melnitz, MacNicol, Peter as Dr. Janosz Poha, Yulin, Harris as Judge Stephen 'The Hammer' Wexler, Margulies, David as Mayor Lenny, Fuller, Kurt as Jack Hardemeyer, Margolin, Janet as The Prosecutor, von Homburg, Wilhelm as Vigo, Deutschendorf, William T. as Baby Oscar, Deutschendorf II, Henry J. as Baby Oscar

Ghostbusters II goofs

  • CHAR: In the scene of Oscar's examination, Egon suggests they perform an "Apgar score" test on baby Oscar. However, Apgar score is a test made on newborns only (usually 1 and 5 minutes after birth), so such a test would be entirely irrelevant in Oscar's case.
  • CREW: There are small pegs jutting out the bottom of the dancing toaster.
  • CONT: In the "dancing toaster" sequence, the balls on the table move several inches between shoots. Also, one can actually see the moving mechanisms (electro magnetic pins that "pop" out) from underneath the toaster.
  • FACT: Michael P. Moran is credited as playing "Frank the Doorman" even though the character specifically tells Dana, "I'm not the doorman, Miss Barrett. I'm the building superintendent."
  • CONT: In the close-up of the Ecto 1A's plate near the end of the film, the Statue of Liberty is in the middle of the plate. In all other shots, it's on the left side of the plate.

Ghostbusters II trivia

  • The phone number on the side of Ecto-1 is JL5-2020. (555-2020)
  • In the scene when Egon looks up information about Vigo in the database, Vigo's full name is listed as Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf. The actor who plays Vigo is 'Wilhelm von Homburg' (qv) and the twins who play Oscar are Will and 'Henry J. Deutschendorf II' (qv).
  • Several pieces of material from the trailers did not appear in the film: - Egon uses a PKE meter to read a piece of floating crystal. - When someone says the Titanic just arrived, Venkman replies "Better late than never." In the film, this is said by 'Cheech Marin' (qv).
  • In the courtroom scene, the prosecuting lawyer is carried out of the room upside-down by her leg by one of the ghosts. In the trailer, you see the prosecuting lawyer floating out of the room upside-down as the ghost SFX have not yet been added.
  • A scene featuring Ray driving Ecto-1 recklessly at speed, as a result of being possessed while conducting tests on Vigo's painting, was filmed but not used in the final edit of the movie. However, some shots of the sequence (Ray running a red light; Peter, sitting in the back, pulling a surprised face) were used in the montage as the Ghostbusters go back into business. (This continued a trend of unused scenes being used in montage - in the first film, a scene of Ray and Winston investigating a haunted castle, where Ray encounters a beautiful ghost, was filmed and not used, but instead used as a 'dream' in that movie's montage sequence.)

Download Ghostbusters II

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