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For Your Consideration Movie Download

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Imdb rating: 6.2 (with 4320 votes)
Year: 2006
Genres: Comedy

For Your Consideration Storyline

Hollywood send-up. No-name actors are making a low-budget period drama called "Home for Purim," when an anonymous post on the Internet suggests that one performance is Oscar-worthy. Then, two more cast members get Oscar-related press: buzz in "Variety" and appearances on TV prompt the studio executives to insist on changes in the script in anticipation of a blockbuster. Jump ahead a few months to the days before Oscar nominees are announced: just the possibility of a nomination has changed the actors' lives. Agents, publicists, make-up artists, local celebrity reporters, and other bit players round out the backstage ensemble. Hooray for Hollywood!


O'Hara, Catherine as Marilyn Hack, Rannazzisi, Stephen as Studio Gate Guard, Begley Jr., Ed as Sandy Lane, Levy, Eugene as Morley Orfkin, Shearer, Harry as Victor Allan Miller, Moynihan, Christopher as Brian Chubb, Guest, Christopher as Jay Berman, Higgins, John Michael as Corey Taft, Aizley, Carrie as Pam Campanella, Courtney, Stephanie as Boom Operator, Nakamura, Suzy as First AC, Piddock, Jim as Simon Whitset, Morris, Jane as Script Supervisor, Coolidge, Jennifer as Whitney Taylor Brown, Black, Jordan as Whitney's Assistant

For Your Consideration quotes

  • Whitney Taylor Brown: [everyone around her is arguing] Well what about me?
  • Whitney Taylor Brown: Someone's killed their children and made them into cookies, and I want to go see that.
  • Corey Taft: Don't make assumptions about the talent. Don't assume the talent can hear well.
  • Callie Webb: [during her "No Penis Intended" comedy routine after the nominations] Yes, I suppose I'll forgive him... in HELL! HA HA HA HA! [laughs maniacally]
  • Mary Pat Hooligan: Dying is easy. Playing a lesbian is hard.

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