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Killing Zoe Movie Download

Download Killing Zoe
Imdb rating: 6.2 (with 5597 votes)
Year: 1994
Genres: Crime, Thriller

Killing Zoe Storyline

Zed has only just arrived in the beautiful Paris and already he's up to no good. Having just slept with a call girl, he spends a night on the town with his dangerous friends. They all decide to rob a bank the following day. There's only one problem: Zed's call-girl, Zoe, just happens to work at the bank which is to be robbed!


Stoltz, Eric as Zed, Delpy, Julie as Zoe, Anglade, Jean-Hugues as Eric, Thai, Tai as François, Ramsay, Bruce as Ricardo, Salem, Kario as Jean, Xuereb, Salvator as Claude, Kemp, Gary as Oliver, Raymond, Martin as Cab Driver, Chaltiel, Eric Pascal as Bellboy, Peck, Cecilia as Martina, Holland, Gladys as Sub Lobby Teller, Scandiuzzi, Gian-Carlo as Assistant Bank Manager, Bonn, Gérard as Assistant Bank Manager, Baski, Bernard as Policeman

Killing Zoe quotes

  • Ricardo: Let me properly introduce you. That is Henri. He likes to be called Chim-chim but we don't always get what we like.
  • Oliver: I want to retire in South America. I hear that's where the drugs come from.
  • Zed: What time is it?
    Cab Driver: Daytime.
  • Zoe: We fit together.
    Zed: All men and women fit together. Even some men fit together.
  • Eric: In Paris, it's good to smell like you've been fucking to make them respect you.

Killing Zoe trivia

  • Although the film's set is suposed to be Paris, it was entirely shot in L.A. The crew just shot the first and the final road sequences in the city of Paris.
  • The idea behind making the film actually came about when 'Roger Avary' (qv) was scouting locations for 'Quentin Tarantino' (qv) on _Reservoir Dogs (1992)_ (qv). Avary found a great bank set in Los Angeles and informed Tarantino, who said that although the location was no good for Dogs, it would be good for a film set in a bank. One of Avary's scripts, _Killing Zoe (1994)_ (qv), was almost entirely set in a bank, and with that as the motivation, the making of the film began.
  • 'Roger Avary' (qv) wrote the script in roughly a week and a half. He also wrote the role of Zed specifically for 'Eric Stoltz' (qv).
  • The first complete film score for the duo of tomandandy (Tom Hajdu and Andy Milburn).
  • The title is intending to be ironic, or at least an oxymoron. Zoe is the Greek work for life.

Download Killing Zoe

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